Social Media Goals

After browsing several sites looking at social media job descriptions, many were looking for similar skills. They like experience with Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Specific skills I saw were uploading videos and photos to social media sites, analyzing tracking statistics on social media sites, editing videos, and of course, being good at interacting with users of the social media pages. They all are looking for people that are passionate about social media, technologically savvy, and creative. 

My specific goals on social media is getting good at using different platforms to build connections with different people in the business world. I want to find new and cool ways to advertise myself using social media. I want to also build up the appropriate skills to be able to help a company advertise itself on many different media platforms. My timeline for these goals are in the next three years because that gives me this last year of college and two years out in the business world using social media.

My name is Tanner Riley. I am a young, creative, social media fanatic, who has the ability to bring companies to the next level. I have experience using many different social media networks, and have developed the skills to advertise companies to their full potential. 



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