My Social Media Identity

Over the past hour I have been scrolling through my twitter and Facebook posts looking at what kind of things I have posted about, and what social media identity I have created for myself. Like I said in my earlier blog, I am not currently extremely active on social media. However, not too long ago I was, and I found plenty of posts that help create a certain identity.

There were a variety of things that I found myself posting about, whether it was pictures or text. My posts always had to do with sports, jokes, school, or friends, with the occasional photos of me with my girlfriend or family. Things that I never post about are my love life (other than photos with the gf), personal issues, partying, politics, or just complaining about something.

After looking at what I put out there about myself, I realized that I had created a certain identity that I wanted to control. I would say that my social media identity is an athlete, a huge sports fan, easy going, and a person who loves to joke around. My identity also shows a person that never gets too personal and has a certain mystery about him. My reasons for not posting certain things are because I like to have some parts of my life remain private. When people start posting how they feel about everything and are constantly updating people on their lives all the time, it starts to look really bad. I also took a look at the comments that I got on my posts. After looking at them, most of the time it was my friends reassuring the jokester side of me with comments like “lol” or calling me a “clown.”

So, why do I post? I only post when I hear or see something that I think people following me would like to see or know without ever throwing too much in people’s faces. I would post to make people laugh, or would post just because I was interested or amazed by a certain video or fact. I never post for my own amusement or sense of feeling like my opinion needs to be heard. My posts are kind of a way for others to get to know me if they are interested in getting to know me better.


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