Crossfit SMP Update

The Crossfit Facebook and twitter page have been up and running for a few days so far and it has been slow to blow up. The first thing I did was have my cousin tell his current members to invite others they knew to like the page. I am currently posting the daily workouts on the page. The twitter account is being used more for directing people to check out the Facebook page. Since they have no website yet the Facebook page is the main source of information for internet users. I am working on getting my cousin to take pictures of his gym and equipment to post on the page. I feel that people seeing what it looks like will help with people actually getting interested. We are hoping that members start talking more about there crossfit experience and directing people to the page. Ultimately, I want the page to have interaction between members of the community on the page so people can see what others are saying about it.

The target audience of the pages right now is you have to be at least 16 and as old you want as long as you can still workout. The reason there is a age limit is because crossfit is a intense taxing way to workout and to youngsters it can be dangerous before there bod have matured. As for sex it is for both sexes. The targeted audience is locals and other towns nearby.There is  no point wasting time on people in different cities because they all have their own crossfit gyms and it would take a lot to convince them to make the trip. As a gym they are looking for people that love being challenged and are dedicated to improving there physical fitness.


Crossfit Social Media Plan

When first asked to find a company to develop a social media for, I had my ideas and settled with my fathers drywall business.The more I thought about it the more I realized that i could find a more exiting company or brand to create this plan for. Then one afternoon my cousin text me telling me about a crossfit gym him and his friends where trying to get started and told me to pass on the word. Instead of just passing on the word I told him I would get him rolling on social media. It could not be more perfect than a brand new business trying to get started for this project.

My cousin is already a personal trainer at gym so he has some of his clients coming to his gym already to workout. Currently his gym is his storage shed and his backyard but his goal is to get enough members that he can open up a building or upgrade his current gym. I will be creating a Facebook page along with a twitter page, I will be using these sites to reach out to the locals and give them a look into what my cousins crossfit is all about. The ultimate goal is to create a way through social media that members can communicate and get updates. Hopefully the amount of members increases and everyone starts to share the page so the business can grow.

Social Media Plan

I have chosen to do a case study on Riley & Sons Drywall, and also create a social media plan based on my study. I chose this company because I know that this company is not using social media to its full potential, and are a bit old fashion when it comes to marketing there business. This company is my grandfather and fathers business, and I believe with better skills on social media there company can grow. From what I know the business relies heavily on word of mouth, and a little bit of marketing to gain new customers. Adding a social media plan would give their business the ability to market to many more people. The business right now has the majority of its customers come from the small town I grew up in, where the business is located. The worst thing about it is the town is right outside of bigger cities like Bellevue and Issaquah but most of them don’t know who they are. This is important to me because it is a family business and they are trying to expand, and I think the first step is social media. It will be interesting to see how they have been going about expanding and what if any social media techniques they have been using.

Getting the company on social media will give them the ability to connect and market to a whole new audience. Word travels fast on social media. The hardest thing will be getting them to buy into it. That is my goal though, to educate the business on all the ways social media can benefit them. Eventually I hope it leads to them opening a position for a social media expert to come in and help market there business in the social media world.

Catfish and Social Media

In my class we recently watched the 2010 documentary film catfish. The film follows a man who becomes involved in an online romantic relationship on Facebook. When he goes to meet up with her she turns out to be a married woman who was using photos of friend to deceive him to thinking it was her. Although this film is may be old news to many, cases of people posing as someone there not over the internet is still very common on social media.

This film did more than just humiliate the man being filmed. This film highlighted one of the scary problems that social media can pose. Many people become involved in online relationships on social media. These relationships are strictly over social media sites, individuals began having feelings for someone without ever meeting face to face. This displays how technology and social media can be creepy. Social media give people a platform to create fake identities, and the people they are talking to have no way of realizing it. The film reminds me of the whole Manti Teo hoax. If you don’t know who Manti Teo is, he was a star football player who was involved in a 2 year online relationship. He thought it was the love of his life before finding out it was a hoax and the girl he thought was his soul mate didn’t even exist. The pictures Teo received where stolen from the internet and it turn out to be a guy who was posing as the girl. Teo was left embarrassed and was thrashed for falling for such a hoax; but really how was he or anyone to know. Social media websites and new technology give creepy and weird people the perfect opportunity to deceive people and lie about their age, height, weight appearance, or just pose as someone else. Photoshop is a little less extreme example of this but people all the time us Photoshop to make them look different than they really do in person, deceiving people.

It is scary that anything online can be made up, and anyone on social media has the possibility of being some totally different than what you think. This film has opened the eyes of a lot people, but this problem will always be there as long as these platforms are available.

My Social Media Identity

Over the past hour I have been scrolling through my twitter and Facebook posts looking at what kind of things I have posted about, and what social media identity I have created for myself. Like I said in my earlier blog, I am not currently extremely active on social media. However, not too long ago I was, and I found plenty of posts that help create a certain identity.

There were a variety of things that I found myself posting about, whether it was pictures or text. My posts always had to do with sports, jokes, school, or friends, with the occasional photos of me with my girlfriend or family. Things that I never post about are my love life (other than photos with the gf), personal issues, partying, politics, or just complaining about something.

After looking at what I put out there about myself, I realized that I had created a certain identity that I wanted to control. I would say that my social media identity is an athlete, a huge sports fan, easy going, and a person who loves to joke around. My identity also shows a person that never gets too personal and has a certain mystery about him. My reasons for not posting certain things are because I like to have some parts of my life remain private. When people start posting how they feel about everything and are constantly updating people on their lives all the time, it starts to look really bad. I also took a look at the comments that I got on my posts. After looking at them, most of the time it was my friends reassuring the jokester side of me with comments like “lol” or calling me a “clown.”

So, why do I post? I only post when I hear or see something that I think people following me would like to see or know without ever throwing too much in people’s faces. I would post to make people laugh, or would post just because I was interested or amazed by a certain video or fact. I never post for my own amusement or sense of feeling like my opinion needs to be heard. My posts are kind of a way for others to get to know me if they are interested in getting to know me better.

Social Media Goals

After browsing several sites looking at social media job descriptions, many were looking for similar skills. They like experience with Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Specific skills I saw were uploading videos and photos to social media sites, analyzing tracking statistics on social media sites, editing videos, and of course, being good at interacting with users of the social media pages. They all are looking for people that are passionate about social media, technologically savvy, and creative. 

My specific goals on social media is getting good at using different platforms to build connections with different people in the business world. I want to find new and cool ways to advertise myself using social media. I want to also build up the appropriate skills to be able to help a company advertise itself on many different media platforms. My timeline for these goals are in the next three years because that gives me this last year of college and two years out in the business world using social media.

My name is Tanner Riley. I am a young, creative, social media fanatic, who has the ability to bring companies to the next level. I have experience using many different social media networks, and have developed the skills to advertise companies to their full potential. 


Social Media in my life

If you would have asked me this same question about my involvement on social media four or so years ago my answer would be a lot different. I say this because in High school I was on social media all the time, when all the sites where fresh and new. Currently I have accounts for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Skype, and Instagram. I do not use these sites more than once a week, and when I am on these social media sites it is almost always just checking on what my friends are up to, and looking at pictures. I no longer post on Twitter or Facebook unless a big event is going to occur. I am not the type of person to be posting to everyone what I am doing all time, or posting my opinion about issues. However I do have a smart phone, and I do spend a lot of time on sports blog sites reading about sports and people’s opinions on different topics. The site I visit most for sports blogs is bleacher report, which I also have as an app on my iPhone. I never actually participate in blogging about the articles I read I am just a spectator. In all, I would say I spend about one hour a week on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or MySpace just spectating, and on sports blogging sites I probably spend three hours a week. I conclude this blog by saying that I am not extremely active on social media as much as I once was, and I feel many of these sites are fading out of my life as I get older.